About Us

Who We Are

Gorge TransLink is an alliance of rural transportation providers, human service organizations and public planning agencies seeking to enhance connectivity and develop a seamless network of transportation services within the Mid-Columbia River Gorge area while linking these services to the metropolitan cities of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Gorge TransLink Alliance members include:

Types of Public Transportation Services

There are two basic types of public transportation services available to the general public:

Dial-a-ride: Dial-a-ride service uses buses or vans to pick you up at your home and take you wherever you need to go within the service area, and sometimes between counties.

Fixed-Route: Fixed-route service runs regularly on a set schedule.

More information about Dial-a-ride and Fixed-Route services
Please note that both types of services use wheelchair accessible vehicles.

If you need help deciding which service to use for your trip, or if you need to travel between counties, contact Gorge TransLink at 541-296-2266 and we’ll assist you with planning your trip.

You can also email us at mobilitymanager@mcedd.org.

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