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Carpooling is a great way to save money on car expenses, take the stress out of your daily commute and contribute to the community by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. It can work for you, even if you don’t have a car. Just join a carpool that has enough drivers and pay your share of gas and parking expenses.

Drive Less Connect (Oregon)
Drive Less Connect assists commuters by providing free carpool, vanpool and bicycle ridematching services, bus/rail options, SchoolPool carpooling programs for parents, and information about the benefits of teleworking from home. Drive Less Connect serves commuters in Oregon.

Rideshare Online (Washington, Idaho)
Rideshare Online is the counterpart to Drive Less Connect in Washington and Idaho. RideshareOnline can help you find a better way to take the stress out of driving alone. Find the right person or group to share your commute!

Search for a rideshare match and logon to rideshareonline.com or DriveLessConnect to join a carpool!

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Rideshare Online and Drive Less Connect can help you meet up with fellow riders and drivers in the Gorge area.