For Beginners

To learn the basics of riding the bus click here.


Dial-a-Ride service is offered in all rural areas of the Mid-Columbia River Gorge region. Dial-a-ride public transit vehicles can pick you up at your home and take you wherever you need to go within the service area and sometimes between counties. To arrange a trip using a dial-a-ride service, passengers should pre-schedule at least one (1) day before the desired trip. To make reservations please call the designated transportation service provider in your county during regular business hours.

Information you will need to provide:

  • Your name, address and telephone number.
  • Date and time of appointment or when you need to travel.
  • Persons traveling with you and any special needs, such as wheelchair transportation, child seats, and oxygen bottles.

Please note that fares vary from no charge to $5.00 per rider, depending on the distance traveled and the transportation service provider.


Fixed-route services conveniently carry commuters throughout rural communities in the Mid-Columbia River Gorge region and beyond by using a set schedule and routing. Fast and economical transportation service is provided to employment centers, hospitals, shopping centers, recreational sites and many other destinations. Fixed-route services in the Gorge include:

In order to make public transportation a convenient option for both work commutes and recreational trips, most transit vehicles are equipped with easy-to-use bike racks.

New fixed-route transportation services are being planned and may become available at anytime. For updated service route information contact the Gorge TransLink Alliance Mobility Manager at or by phone at: 541-296-2266.



To get started using public transit, try using the Get Going: Guiding Everyday Travel tool from Easter Seals Project Action. Print the guide to take with you as a reference to help you prepare for and successfully use public transportation to get where you want to go.