MATS-WS-HR route 1/16/24 last route to HR will be 3:05pm and HR to WS 3:33pm

MATS White Salmon to Hood River Route last 2 routes cancelled.  Last WS to HR bus leaves WS at 3:05pm and HR to WS last HR bus leaves at 3:33pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience but want to ensure our staff can make it home safely with this next storm.

Affected Routes: Mt. Adams Transporation - Goldendale to The Dalles, Mt. Adams Transporation - Hood River to Bingen/White Salmon, Mt. Adams Transporation - The Dalles to Goldendale, Mt. Adams Transporation - White Salmon/Bingen to Hood River
Effective: January 16, 2024 - January 16, 2024