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Vanpools are a flexible, comfortable, cost-effective way for small to medium size groups of up to 15 commuters to share rides to and from work. Vanpooling can reduce stress, shorten your commute time, and save annual commuting costs. Participants share expenses for fuel and for a vehicle, which can be provided by an employer, a third-party administrator, or the vanpoolers themselves.

If you are interested in starting or joining a vanpool at your place of business or to connect with others looking to share rides, visit the following resources:

C-TRAN Vanpool: C-TRAN has vans available for groups of five to twelve passengers who commute at least ten miles each way and whose commute starts, stops, or passes through the C-TRAN service area, which is the Vancouver, WA metro area and includes Fisher's Landing Transit Center. Visit the C-TRAN website or call 360-906-7510 for more information.

Vride (formerly VPSI, Inc): Provider of consultants and mobility professionals who help employers and individuals start and administer vanpool programs. For information about creating or joining a vanpool through VPSI, Inc., click here, or call 1-800-826-7433.

Enterprise Rideshare: Enterprise rental car company also provides rideshare and vanpooling options by leasing vehicles and administering programs for commuters. Visit www.vanpool.com/ or call 1-800-VAN-4-WORK.

Drive Less Connect (Oregon) / Rideshare Online (Washington, Idaho):
Drive Less Connect assists commuters by providing free carpool and vanpool ridematching services. This program currently serves commuters in Oregon.
Rideshare Online is the counterpart to Drive Less Connect in Washington and Idaho.

Drive Less Connect and Rideshare Online can help you find a better way to take the stress out of driving alone. Find the right person or group to share your commute!
Visit http://drivelesssavemore.com/pages/drivelessconnect or call 503-813-7566.
For Rideshare Online, visit http://www.rideshareonline.com or call 1-888-814-1300.


Gorge Vanpooling

Vanpooling in the Mid-Columbia River Gorge: A Feasibility Assessment and Investigation of Employer Preferences

The Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, in partnership with the University of Oregon, completed a vanpool feasibility study and survey of large employers in the Mid-Columbia region. Businesses and organizations with over 80 employees were surveyed to assess perceptions and support of vanpool program structures, incentive options, potential benefits and concerns. The study includes a benefit-cost analysis that considers potential reductions in fuel use, emissions, accidents, and other results of decreases in Single-Occupancy-Vehicle use.

Click Here to view the report