Travel Training and Support

We’ll show you the ropes of public transportation to give you the freedom of mobility!

Gorge Transit Travel Training
Participants in our Travel Training program receive access to information, public transportation training, and support centered on the safe and independent use of public transportation.

  • Public transit info: Information is sometimes all it takes to get someone traveling independently on transit. We are at the ready to provide support and knowledge over the phone.
  • Group transit trips: Group trips are designed to help people feel comfortable with the transit system in a social, relaxed environment.  These trips are organized by our partner organizations.  Please email us for more information.
  • One-on-one travel training: Personalized, hands-on experience using our regional transit system.
  • Support for educators: we provide technical assistance and support for those providing transit training in the classroom. Email us to learn more.
  • Support for Veterans: we provide a special travel training program for Veterans.  Email us to learn more.

Travel Training and Support

Who provides the training?

The training is provided by Sara Crook, our qualified and experienced Travel Trainer.

How much does it cost?

All training and related support is provided at no charge to residents living in Wasco and Hood River counties.

Where is the training?

Our travel trainers will provide training anywhere in Wasco or Hood River counties at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Veteran loading a bike on a bus bike rack.
Who is eligible to receive training?

If you live in Wasco or Hood River counties, you can request training.

How do I get started?

Fill out our Travel Training Request form below or give us a call at 541-296-2266 and we will get you going.  For Spanish, please call 541-296-2266 Extension 1101 (ask for Jesus Mendoza).

About Sara Crook

Sara Crook - Travel Trainer

As a qualified and experienced Travel Trainer, Sara Crook assists both The Link Public Transit and Columbia Area Transit (CAT) as an ambassador to teach local, rural and underserved populations how to use available public transit services in Wasco and Hood River counties.

Before joining MCEDD, Sara worked at Columbia Area Transit as a Lead Travel Ambassador in the Gorge during the summer and supervised Guest Services at Mt. Hood Meadows Resort during the winter months. Sara has been a Gorge resident for 18 years and spends her free time enjoying the area’s outdoor beauty with her dogs.

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    Travel Training Videos

    Welcome to Your Regional Transit System

    Bienvenidos a Su Sistema de Transporte Público Regional

    Travel Trainer

    Entrenador de Viajes

    How To Plan A Trip

    Cómo Planear un Viaje



    Dogs on Busses

    Cómo viajar en Autobús con Su Perro

    Kids on Buses / Cómo Viajar en Autobús con Su Niño

    Teens / Jóvenes

    Bikes on Buses / Cómo Viajar Con Su Bicicleta