Vanpools are a flexible, comfortable, cost-effective way for small to medium size groups of up to 15 commuters to share rides to and from work. Vanpooling can reduce stress, shorten your commute time, and save annual commuting costs. Participants share expenses for fuel and for a vehicle, which can be provided by an employer, a third-party administrator, or the vanpoolers themselves.

If you are interested in starting or joining a vanpool at your place of business or to connect with others looking to share rides, visit the following resources:

MCEDD Mobility Manager:  Call MCEDD’s Mobility Manager at 541-296-2266, Ext. 1007, to receive assistance if you are trying to organize a vanpool program.

C-TRAN Vanpool: C-TRAN has vans available for groups of five to twelve passengers who commute at least ten miles each way and whose commute starts, stops, or passes through the C-TRAN service area, which is the Vancouver, WA metro area and includes Fisher’s Landing Transit Center. Visit the C-TRAN website or call 360-906-7510 for more information.

Enterprise Rideshare: Enterprise rental car company also provides rideshare and vanpooling options by leasing vehicles and administering programs for commuters. Visit or call 1-800-VAN-4-WORK.