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The first Working Group meeting was held in Cascade Locks on February 19. 
The materials from that meeting can be accessed here:

  1. Gorge Transit Strategy Presentation:  Working Group Session #1
  2. Public Information Plan
  3. Working Group Session #1 Meeting Notes 
  4. Survey Monkey Results

Working Group Meeting Session #1 Summary Word Cloud:













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The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the format of the Working Group meetings.  Working Group Session #2 and #3 have been replaced with one-on-one interviews and focus group meetings.

New Collaboration Opportunity:   The USFS (Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area) has offered assistance from the US DOT Volpe Center for the Gorge Transit Strategy.  The Volpe Center has just completed a review of the Transportation Plans in the Columbia Gorge region to identify conflicts or compatibility with the CRGNSA Management Plan.  One of the categories that they covered in their review of all of the regional plans was public transportation.  The Volpe Center will assist the Mobility Manager in building on their prior work, structuring the synthesis of the regional plans, and formatting the gaps analysis.